What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“”I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did for me recently, repairing my garage door. Not only did you fix my door, but you foiled future attempts by my grandkids to derail it again! First you arrived when you said you would–that’s so important since I am a single homeowner, trying to fit all these repair jobs into my busy work and family commitments. And you responded when I called–Yes! You were courteous and friendly when you were making the repairs, and you explained the workings of the door to me, so I would understand how the door came off its pulley and how to prevent its happening again in the future. I thought it was a nice touch you left your business card stapled to the garage wall in case I needed your help again in the future–and I did! You are a great example of the kind of craftsman that used to be so common but now seems so rare, someone who takes pride in their work, has super customer service, and really, truly is a master of your trade. And the cost of the repair was minimal! Thank you so much for helping me out. I am going to give your phone number to a friend of mine who had a drunk driver plow into her garage door this week.””

C.M., Camas, WA

“”When a garage door bites the dust, it can ruin a homeowners day. I was pleasantly surprised after learning that Patrick would be out for repairs the same day. He showed up at the appointed time and quickly repaired the faulty door. It is the small business owners like Patrick that keep this country of ours heading in the right direction and his word is his bond. I highly recommend his company and services.””

Duane N., Salmon Creek, Vancouver

“”Thank you for the help over the phone the other day. It was a real treat to have a professional help me with the door lifting issue. I will call you when I have garage door needs.””

Jon A., Clackamas, OR